Well, as you may know from my profile  I am pregnant.I did the due date calculator on the site, and it said I was due around the 17th of October. If this is somewhat correct, I am about 7 months already 0.o !!

I am not really showing at all, you can’t even tell  I am pregnant. The only people who know is my boyfriend and I. I really do not know how to tell my mom, I am scared she won’t understand how I try to explain it, because sometimes I am not the best talker. My boyfriend and I are going to go to the Teen Health Center on Sunday to talk to someone. My boyfriend is a bit iffy on what to do. I mean, there isn’t much we can do now that I am so far a long. But  I am just hoping to talk to someone, and get some advice. I haven’t went to the doctor either, so I am hoping the baby is healthy and everything is going to be alright.. After I do break it to my mom,  I am going to go for the check ups, and such as needed.

I have been with my boyfriend Jake for almost 9 months, it will be exactly 9 months on the 10th of August (this month).. I started dating him on November 10th, 2010.  Iam always scared he is going to leave me because of everything that is happening.. But he always ensures me that he will always be there for me, and that he isn’t.  I am positive we can keep this relationship going.. I especially want Jake to be there for his child. I would love for my child to grow up with his dad, and have a dad.. Because I know how hard it is to not have a relationship with your dad.

I am under so much stress with my mom not knowing, and what will happen when she does. I am hoping she will learn to understand. And that I do know that I made a mistake, but I will take action and learn from it. I will go on birth control after. I just really hope she can trust me and Jake to not let this happen again. I hope she’s happy for this at the same time though, because I would hate to have the majority of people be like, Oh my gosh.. your pregnant, blablabla.

Also, the baby kicks a lot! Sometime so much I wonder if there is two in there 0.o .. Gosh. So much stuff to think about.

I will post another blog after Sunday to update how it went at the Health Center.