Hello, I’m so excited..  I have been bless from God to give me such a precious life. I haven’t told mi father about mi pregnancy, which is kinda stressful but, its a time when i would like to spill the beans on him. I going to set up a doctor appointment this week.

I have been thinking about mi baby daddy who i haven’t talk to lately may he haven’t talk to me i gave him the number to mi house phone but, he haven’t rang mi phone yet. You know he has a daughter which make me his second baby momma . I hope he don’t think i need money from him b-cuz mi family will help me with that. All i need him to do is be a good  father. That’s all i need for him to do.. I pray God he is willing to suffer with me through our ups and downs. Lately i have been having strong feelings for him. Just b-cuz I’m carrying his son or daughter. But hopefully it be a girl. I said wanted a boy b-cuz he already has a little girl . I thought that since he has a little girl, and i have a boy he want to stay with me forever. But i came to a conclusion if he want stay he will, and if he wants to leave he will, it will matter if i have is son nor daughter. So i hope the Jesus bless me with a little girl, if he gives me a son i will take it and love it just as much if he was mi daughter as well. I believe that Jesus will give me every thing i ask for b-cuz he has already. I just pray pray mi baby daddy be hear for me and our precious child as well. B-cuz i love him so much. (: