Leo was 6 months old last week. So he was due 6 month check ups. He had an appointment with the midwife this morning, just for general checks. Everything was great, he’s now 14lbs 4oz…that’s 12lbs 2oz heavier than what he was when he was born. It was amazing, I’m a happy mommy!

We went into town and had some lunch after, to celebrate i guess. Leo even had a few chips and a bit of chocolate. He made such a mess.

Then we had to head up to the NICU, it brought back horrible memories, to meet with the neonatologist. We where early, but the nurses let us in so they could have a cuddle with Leo and just catch up. They’ve helped us through a lot. It was nice seeing the ones who saved and looked after my baby boy.  It was time for our appointment. He stripped Leo down, to check for growths/tumors. He also looked at his previous scan results and promoted that Leo’s general health was marvelous. He weighed and measured him, perfect size…he’s average for a 5-6 month little boy. He’s still a little behind with his eating, but he’s catching up. He also checked his development, such has if he’s sitting up, lifting his head, rolling over etc. Which he is, so that’s great. He had no concern at all. I was so relieved, i had horrible visions of Leo having to stay under his care and having to visit once a month forever haha. But nope, although he did advise us to check back again in another 6 months-he said just to check his development for one last time. But over all, Leo is finally, and eventually discharged for his neonatologist care. Yay!

Leo’s in his bouncer whilst Lee feeds him; sweet potato and leek pie…baby food obviously. I doesn’t smell too good.  But he seems to be enjoying it, almost ate a whole jar and i expect he’ll be after a yogurt once he finished.

I cant believe I’m a mommy, its just so unreal. I’m not even 16 yet, and i have a family. Its super exciting though. I’m so lucky to have my boyfriend still by my side, both families and a perfect, healthy son!