It seems like just yesterday when I found out I was pregnant. Now I'm going into my 6th month. I'm getting more and more excited as the days go by, but I'm also getting worried about some things. I'm away at school 2 1/2 hours away from my family and my boyfriend. I am so worried that I'm going to go into early labor, my last day of school is May 8th and I am due on may 23rd. Im so worried that Im gonna have to deliver by myself without my mother and boyfriend by my side. Im just hoping for the best in that situation. On another note, me and my boyfriend are no where near being financially stable enough to raise my baby girl. We are trying to get it together but I feel like I'm trying harder than he is. Of course naturally I wanna be able to provide any and everything that my baby needs, my boyfriend feels the same way but he is being oblivious to the fact that she will be here in no time. He keeps saying we've got time…but time is slowly running out. At times I get really frustrated with him for not understanding but I can't stress myself out. Any way…i'm am just really excited about motherhood and just holding my little girl in my arms.