Hey baby, 

Hi, I just wanted to write something to you . So here it goes. I really don’t know what to write but by the time i finish this letter it’ll proboly be a pretty long letter. So im going to say is that im sooo happy that your my baby girl or baby boy. i still don’t know how im going to raise you or how  lifes going to turn out for the BOTH of us. but what i do know is that i love you with all my heart and that i never know how powerful love really is until you love someone that you can’t stop loving no matter what.

I don’t even know your gender but i could feel you inside me growing and growing. Or maybe i think im feeling you but im almost postive that its you growing. I can’t wait to see your little angle face, touch your little toes and play with you one one little piggie. I also can’t wait to sing to you and to hold you. Also i hope that sience Im only 14 that you’ll learn my big mistake because im soo young and i wanted to do soo many thing but now i have something eles to worry about. I have to worrie bout you. And worrying bout you is more import to me then worrying bout school. I know i have to try my hardest in school. While most girls my age go to parties and hang out after school at starbucks or jumba juice or barnes and novel. I have to go home and feed you and take you a bath and change your clothes and making you happy. I think thats going to be the harest thing for you because i want to give you soo much and i know i can’t give you half of what i want. I want you to know your real dad and i know i can’t do that. I want you to have a home to call your own and not have to be with grandma and grandpa and aunt’s and uncle 24/7. I want a place of our own and i can’t give that to you. I want to be with you when your little 24/7 and i can’t do that eaither i have to be at school. I want to be there with you when you give your first steps and i don’t know if i am going to be there because i have to be at school. I want me to take care of you not grandma. Grandma already had to take care of me and she already had her time to take care of her children. And your her granddaughter or grandson. Your my son or daughter and i want to take care of you. I want sooo many things for you and i can’t. but i do promis you this. I’ll try.

with love,

your mommy