Help im a 14 year old girl who hasn’t even started high school and doesn’t even have a life thats in order and im pregnet. I used to be a party girl. I used to be a girl who didn’t care for conqueses but now i have to care. A friend told me to do an aportion but i can’t live with the thought of me killing my baby or even loosing it. My ex boyfriend or my baby daddy said to do an aportion he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby and its a good think to because he’s the worst and i don’t my baby around anybody who like the daddy. WEll now that im gong to be a mommy i have to start doing mommy things and i have no clue what to do. I was one of those girls that thought “it would never happen to me” and never thought bout it. I need help. How to be raise a child when im only a child myself