Hi, Well to start I’m currently 15 years old soon to be 16 this month and i’m 5 months pregnant. I am still with the father of my child and we are both very happy. We have decided to call her Valerie and are still thinking of a middle name. (It may be Juliette) I have bought many baby clothes for Valerie and still need a whole lot more things. I am getting check ups and I have a lot of support from my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. I write to girls that are in the same situation and are confused on what to do. I want to let every girl out there know: Be strong. I haven’t thought of this but many girls who are in this situation don’t think they can do it. Last week my boyfriend said,”I’m scared, what if i can’t do it?” I looked at him straight in the eyes and said,”I know we can.” Girls, we have to realize that our babies are already here. They can listen to all the things we listen to, they can move, they can blink there eyes, they can even yawn. You can’t be thinking that you can’t do it, you have to stay strong for your baby because once he/she with you, you can’t be thinking,”can i do this?” because now you are going to have to regardless. I’m very happy that i am pregnant but many of you may not feel the same way. You may not know it but a lot of people are here for you. So my message is stay strong and don’t give up because you are going to be giving up on that precious baby inside of you too.