Im getting pissed off lately. It feels like im going in circles. Constantly working, not stopping for a single nap. Im sleep deprived, hungry, and just plain sore. Today is my well deserved day off so its gonna be used for sleep. Last night was perfect for me, homemade soul food and a old Black and white movie. So if all goes as planned im gonna quit both jobs soon. I got my friend coming the 20th and hes staying here for 2 weeks. I should actually be  cleaning my room. Im gonna take a break from enlisting options soon too. Im gonna wait 4 years so i can get my degree on my own then enlist hopefully marines. Not unless within that time i get pregnant then i wont. Getting my JROTC uniform together slowly, were getting fitted for jackets next week and monday were getting our pants. Ive got everything else though. Well off to my chores, good morning, good afternoon and good night.