baby cadenOnly two weeks have passed since I found out I was pregnant. I went to the Health Center almost positive I could not be pregnant, I kept telling myself I was stressed, or lacking something in my diet that was causing me to miss my periods. There was no way I, a 15 year old honor student, could be pregnant. Needless to say when the nurse told me it was positive I was shocked.When I told my mom the same day , she was disappointed but was still very supportive of my choice to keep my baby. The father on the other hand was not, and totally denied the baby as being his. My mom and I immediately made a doctors and ultrasound appointment. We only had to wait a week for the ultrasound appointment which went very well. My baby has no obvious deformities, and he is a boy! Seeing him suck his thumb during the ultrasound is a memory I will never forget. Also, I found out I was exactly 19 weeks along (as I am writing this I am 21 weeks) and he will be due September 2nd. When my other family members found out they were horrified, they told me it was either get an abortion, or you are “banished” from the family. Despite what they said, I am still keeping my baby. I knew I could never go through with an abortion, because even thought I was scared, from the moment I found out I knew I was in love with my baby. Thankfully I have the support of my mom and sister and a few of my cousins. I plan on staying in school so I can get a good job and provide my baby boy with everything he could ever need and most of his wants. The thought of holding my baby (whose name I decided will be Caden Jacob, or Caden Thomas) in only 19 weeks keeps my going, and being able to ignore what my family, and the father, has to say.