With a month to go until my due date, at 36 weeks pregnant, I think I may have entered the final phase of pregnancy.
Here’s what I did yesterday afternoon:
1. Tidied the livingroom
2. Tidied bedroom
3. Cleaned the bathroom
4. Tidied the kitchen
5. Vacumed the rooms
6. Dusted and wiped down all units and anywhere that looked dirty
7. Sorted both my wardrobes out
8. Sorted babys clothes and things out
9. Went and took spare car seat back and got a high chair and walker
Basically, you should all know what I’m on about.. Yes, I’m in the ‘Nesting stage’. C’mon This from a woman who just yesterday morning barely had enough energy to brush her teeth and get dressed. Now I am well aware of what this burst of of energy could be fueled by — that labor is coming — soon — but I’m not necessarily convinced!!
My body has finally decided to keep me up during the night. I dont know weither its ready for when baby gets here or weither I’m just not comfortable. I’ve got the midwife appointment later so I get to hear babys heartbeat again 🙂
Im so excited, cannot wait untill shes here. I’ve been signed off work by the doctor for having swollen feet and ankles from being on them all day at work. So my maternity leave was meant to start on the 6th of april but I’m off now so its all about getting things ready..
Anybody else at this stage or nesting??