I’m a jr in high school and Well its 30 weeks and I’m about ready to *pop!* I just want meet my baby boy already. He’s always moving and has the hiccups. I just wanna hear him laugh and see his eyes. As for high school.. well I’m struggling.

I only have 9 days left though so it’ll all be good at the end. I’ll do online after the baby is born but I’m not gonna let him down I’m gonna get my high school degree.

School it self is hard. Its a struggle to just get up in the mornings. Its a struggle to find something comfy to wear. Its a struggle to sit in the stupid desks for 8 hours. That is the reason I’m doing online and to save money on a babysitter.

As for the dad.. well we are still together and going strong. He’s doing a lot in helping and I couldn’t ask for a better man to help me. well its been a long day tootles.