About a month after my 15th birthday, i found out i was pregnant. I had been with my 17 yr old boyfriend for about 7 months. i already knew i was pregnant before i took the test becuz he had told me that he wanted a baby. Me being young and dumb, i did it to make him happy.

I am now 17 yrs old, a couple months shy of my 18th birthday. I have a beautiful 21 month old daughter named Lilyan . Sadly, i did not stay with her father. Soon after she was born, i found out he had been cheating on me with different girls the whole time we were together. He never calls to ask about her and hasn't paid a penny since she was born.

When my daughter was 2 moths old, i left him. He was in jail at the time and had been for three months. He was writing a 15 year old girl in town and i found out. He got transported to a deportation jail in another state. The district attorney in my town was fed up with him and trying to get him deported back to mexico. Sadly it didn't happen like that. His parents paid a good lawyer and he got out 7 months later. By then my daughter was 9 months old and i had a new boyfriend.

I have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. He is currently over coming a drug addiction. He has been clean for 5 months now. he hasn't been clean for over 10 years so its a big deal. He is 24 years old. My daughter has been around him since she was 9 months and she loves him. He told me early on that he wanted to be daddy to her and so far he has been. She calls him daddy, they are great together.

I found out about 4 weeks ago that i was pregnant again. My boyfriend was shocked. He found out the worst possible way. Everything was great with us. Until about 3 weeks ago i heard from some friends in town that they had seen him with another girl making out. I confronted him and he w\said he wasn't happy. that was news to me.

He admitted that he had cheated. He said hiding our relationship was to stressful on him. Because he is in an intensive drug recovery program his P.O. said he was to have no contact with me. We had been seeing eachother behind the courts backs, or course, we loved eachother. They told him if we got caught together that he would loose his drug recovery program and go to jail for a year. So hiding our relationship with taking its toll on him. I think he just got a little scared.

that night he broke up with me, i was devastated. i knew i was pregnant, i just hadn't told him yet. I was gonna take him to the coast and tell him. So i ended up telling him in tears right after he told me thathe had kissed another girl. He was in shock. It took him a day to call me and appologize and say that he loved me. I'm the only girl he's ever been around that has been clean off drugs. He turned himself in because of my daughter. So i know that he loves us.

So to this day, we are still hiding our relationship from everyone in town besides our family. We live in a small town. and he just got a job so he could support me and the baby, so we never get see eachother. Its hard, but we are making it threw this.

I am about 8 weeks along, i have a wonderful little girl and im 17. Thats my life. I never thought thats how my life would be, but one thing im sure of is im glad this is how it happend. I wouldn't change a thing.

I live on my own, i have my own apartment with my daughter. Two bedrooms. My parents don't help, but i've never needed them before. I've done everything with the help of one person, my grandma, i dunno what i would do without her.

At the moment in my life, things are tough and ive been sad lately with not being able to see my boyfriend a lot, but overall, i'm the happiest i've been in a long time. i have one great little girl and now im blessed with another child. What more could i ask for.