I hope you can forgive for what I have done . I do love you I really do. Not a day goes by when I dont think about you. I always wonder what you would be like and what you would look like. I wish I could have held you in my arms. Im sorry. I wonder what it would have been like with just me and you, cuddling and playing all day long. I love you so much, I always want you to know that. Walking into that hospital knowing that I will never get to see you or hold you just once. I know you would have been the most beautiful little boy or little girl. I will never see you walk your first steps or say your first words. I wish I could have seen you grow up. Just know that you are always in my heart and not one day will I ever go without thinking about my baby girl. I knew in my heart you were going to be my baby girl. I love you so much. Please forgive for what I have done to you and not giving you the chance, but you must know that I did this for you. I couldnt have given you the best, which you deserve. <3