So, my name is Patricia. I have a little girl who is 2 years old named Jaymie Lee. I became pregnant at the young age of 15 and let me tell you, things did not go to smoothly for the 9 months of pregnancy. When i found out, my mom found this website for me. I wrote an email to becky and she replied immediately with advice and an understanding of what i was going through. I treasure that

email in my heart to this day.

So my family accepted my child, and after i got their acceptance i began accepting it myself. Little did i know that for 9 months i would be on the most painful ride of my life. My babies dad was a meth addict. He never did drugs before i got pregnant but he needed an escape from me and he found it in meth. I was so naieve at the time..Itayed with him. and dealt with the yelling and crying and hitting and the police and the crazy family he was raised in. finally after my daughter was born. I came to my senses. The mother instinct, at age 16, kicked in harder than ever, i left him. I went back to school and  made new friends and had my daughter in the school daycare. Everything turned out to be awesome. I had a few bumps in the road. My family life wasn’t too great, i had a seroius boyfriend for 9 months who left me, and i made friends but they always seemed to slip away. I got fed up and left the drama of high school and got a job.

After working for 6 months, i decided i did not wanna be working a dead end job my hole life. I met GREAT people, learned from SOO MANY mistakes, so many stupid guys, and dealt with the most ridiculous issues. I went back to school this year and i am now graduating in june. i met the most amazing man i could ever dream of. We moved into a house together with my daughter and he is now her daddy.  Sometimes you have to fight through the pain and walk the long hard road to get to where you want to be in life. im not all the way there yet, but i have faith, hope and compassion, the 3 main componants in life.  always stay strong.