I spent this past weekend at my soon to be in-laws. In which it was only 15 minutes away from my parents place made me un-easy, but I was able to survive.  We started off the weekend by arriving at my fiance’s parents place on friday night.  We settled straight into his old room and watched A Christmas Carol as the family movie for that night. Nestled in by warm blankets and surronded by the ones that I love made me feel so sure that this is what I wanted. I awoke at 3:30 am to find myself starving…so I got up and decided that it would be nice to make some food. I ate dill pickles and drank three glasses of hot chocolate.  Just to wake up my soon to be mother-in-law. She came out saw me out on the couch watching A Walk To Remember and laughed at what I was eating. She then intrigued me with stories of how that was exactly what she ate when she was pregnant with my fiance,James. I couldn’t help but smile. THat’s when my little nudger nudged. James’s mom felt my baby kick for the first time that night. And her and I fell asleep together on the couch. The rest of the weekend was spent with me helping cook, beating James’s older brother that came for a visit in video games, and getting my hair braided each day by his mom. I got beyond spoiled. I am now well rested and excited for the rest of my pregnancy. i absolutely ccan’t wait.  And neither can my further in-laws or my fiance. He’s so jumpy. He wants this baby out now.  But I think its mostly because he don’t wanna have sex while I’m pregnant. So he’s getting frustrated. I’ve tried helping him out..but he won’t allow anything. What do I do girls??? What do I do?