I have been dating my same boyfriend for three years now and this isn’t our first pregnancy. Our first year together I got pregnant and was forced into an abortion from my parents and him as well. \Anyway now a few years later I was actively taking birth control for three months and realized I didn’t get a period.

Im not sure how many weeks I am pregnant yet I still have to go to the OBGYN this week. My parents, my bf’s parents and my bf are all strongly pushing me to have another abortion. But I always promised myself I would never go through that pain again. It changed me as a person and I regretted it so much. My boyfriend says he will back me 100% on my decision but he really isn’t ready for a kid yet, he is as well 19. We both work part time jobs and attend a community college. Our jobs do not provide us with any benefits though. My Mom and Dad said I have to move out and live on my own and start paying for everything on my own… The baby, a place to live, car insurance, phone bills, etc. I really don’t know what to do with this situation. I know I want to keep the baby.. but i don’t know if i can handle the responsibility especially with no support from any family or with finances. I have a feeling my parents will help me out and are just tying to scare me right now but they are pushing me and telling me I don’t have a choice and making me so stressed out. I don’t know if i should listen to my gut and do what I think is right and struggle alone. Or if I should get an abortion and do what I never wanted to do ever again. Please help with advice. Thank you.