So i found out i was pregnant, the day be for my moms birthday, that was rather scary. honestly i cried and cried for hours and my boyfriend tried to help but there was no one who could have stopped me. I wasnt so much unhappy about the baby cause how can you be unhappy with a baby but i was scared i had been sick for a long time and was not supposed to get pregnant at all or it could kill me, and i had no job and my boyfriend was a contractor which is inconsistant at best we were in no financial or physical state to be having a baby and honestly i think i was more afraid to tell my mom than anything else (she was less than fond of my boyfriend to start with) but that night i went home to tell her and lost my nerve i decided to wait a few days i had found out on a wednesday and told her monday morning so as i said a few days but she took it better than i could have hoped she cried which was hard to take but after a few minutes things calmed down and we just stared making plans and figuring out how we could do this

afew days later i went to a clinic to get checked out and get a pregnancy confermation of pregnancy for my medicade application and they defenantly gave me the confermation they took me in for a ultrasound and informed me there were two

honestly i was terrifed and confused and shocked and in truth slightly in non belief so i kept asking if she was sure but she was so now on top of  being scared of how i was going to handle carrying one baby and supporting it i had to worry about two.

but my family is very supportive as well as the Dad and his family  so no i still have no clue how i am going to do this whole thing but i am sure i will get through thing just have a way of working out