Im 19 & i think im 4 months pregnant… Wow i found out after getting a werid text about how my bf was lying 2 me about his life 4 the past 2 years of our relationship… He is the father of 2 girls, Kiera 4 & Lyla 2… Now im expecting his 3rd baby, hopefully its a boy, that part has me all excited… Im at this stage where i have no idea what to do & how to handle everything. Obviously abortion is out of the question yet the father is forcing me to go for an abortion because of his situation at home which i personally think is selfish for him to tell me to do that. On the other hand, he did have a good point on why i should consider the procedure. My life is falling apart right now. I have goals & dreams of my future & having this baby will not allow me to do what i want to achieve in life. I don't want to become another stirstic. My arguement is that his looking out for his best interest & sort of mine. BUT the reality is that i'm 4 months pregnant with his 3rd child. I want to keep my baby but my situation right now, at home, college & the relationship with the father makes everything different & complicated. Me & the father broke up a month almost before i found out about his ex having 2 of his children & then recently 2 weeks ago & wed i found out about the girls, that mon afterwards i found out im pregnant & the wed proceeding i told him, we pregnant. That man went sucidal on me & then denial saying his not the father. I was faithful to him for 2 years & the hurtful part was that i was the last person to know about his children that he says are burdens to him. Everything is so messed up & i'm so confused… The disappointment i will receive from my parents is killing me, what my family will think of me, is driving me insane, close to the point where i'm even sucidal. Why is it so difficult to explain to the father of the baby that i don't want the abortion because the circumstances makes everything so mixed up. I can't think straight, i'm losing my head around everything & the fact that i'm showing sort of is breaking me. Please guys i need help & advice. I havent told my parents yet & i don't know if i should. I don't know if i want my baby or if i should have an abortion?