Well today i started my diet. I still have the bump where my baby was and lots and lots of fat on top of that- i suppose i have been comfort eating.

ive realsised that the amount and what i am eating is making me poorly. So i put a stop to it today.

Im eating healthy and exercising- so far so good :); havent gone near chocolate and crisps instead been eatinf fruit. oh yeahh go me aha :D.

also we are planning on going away the beginning of august to greece, spain- somewhere like that so i want to be skinny for that.

and when i do fall pregnant, i can take pictures and show you my baby belly as i will be skinny and you will be able to see it 🙂

I also booked an appointment for the doctors for next week; so il let you all know how i get on.

17 in 7 days 😀 not excited or anything aha!!