So I am 18 years old and I am now 13 weeks pregnant.  My mom, dad and sister are being supportive, but all my other relatives still see my decision to keep the baby as a mistake. But after I saw my little baby up on the ultrasound screen ; I knew.

I love this baby already with all of my heart. I especially knew that I wanted to keep this blessing because I have already been through an abortion when I was 15. It’s something I will never do again. But now I am feeling extremely depressed. The baby’s father recently was living with me but he got kicked out a week ago. We both really wanted to be a part of this pregnancy and the baby’s life. Now it’s more difficult because he lives further away. Although he is planning on getting a place closer, it’s still tough. And I almost feel as if my parents are purposely trying to push us apart. We both love eachother and this baby .. and I feel more comforted when he is here for me throughout all the emotional ups and downs I am experiencing. I am glad I found this website because none of my friends understand what I am going through ..