Just last week I found out I was pregnant. This is so very hard for me because I am in my first year in college away from home. My boyfriend lives back home and just got a job the day that I found out I was pregnant. Although I was terrified, I told my mother and she eventually told my father,they both are being very supportive of me even though I know they are extremely disappointed. This is very hard because my father does not like my boyfriend and talks down on him so much that it makes it hard to look at this situation with a positive outlook. I've already begun to plan for my next years in college. My main priority for me and my unborn child is for me to finish school, so that I can sufficiently provide for my baby. I know its going to be very hard because its not easy being a 19 year old mother. I'm looking at the future, hoping that the father of my child will be there, and not end up like his father, but I know there is always that chance that he could be gone in a New York Minute. I have tried to make a plan that involves him and one that doesn't so in the event that he does leave I won't be all alone without one clue as of what to do. The best advice my mother gave me so far is to plan and look to the future, because adults don't break down and let the situation get the best of them, they take the situation and guide it in which direction they want it to go in.