Me and my boyfriend have been together for 5 wonderful months,it seems like a lot longer because we spent so much time together.Well I turned 18 on February 16 and then two days later he left for boot camp in the navy.Before he left we had been trying to get pregnant because I had an abortion at the beginning of our relationship and he knew how hard it was for me and was there and saw the baby that was taken out of me.So a month or so after that we decided to try and have a baby of our own.Well as soon as he left I found out I was pregnant and was really excited until I had to tell his dad.When I went to tell his dad about it he said I should abort because his son has dreams and with a baby he wont be able to carry out those dreams and also his mother has said from the beginning that i would "trap" him and get pregnant but we both wanted this.I really think his parents try and live through him because they are kind of failures themselves.I just dont know what to do I love their son and want them to support me through this.My family does his doesnt.They say I`m too young.So if there is anyone with a similar experiance I am desperate for some advice.Thank you for reading