My name is krista and about a week an a half ago i found out i was pregnant. 

since then i have changed and rechanged my mind on what to do,

besides the fact i just got out of a course that can get me killer jobs using forklifts, working in confined spaces, heighs over 10ft, chemicals and a bunch of other stuff, i just got kicked out of actual school, being as it was already a continueing ed school i dont exactly have many more options, so now im a pregnant high school drop out who is pregnant … life is grand aint it? anyways, just to through it out there.. i am 99.9% sure it is not my boyfriends kid… So? what should i do? Move away and keep it, go back to school in a new town and get a part time job an save every penny or stay in my town … tell my father have him flip a lid and probobly have know where to live or move in with my friends? im so comfused i have no idea what to do ? someone talk please?