One of the last things my mother said to me when i got taken out of home was that i would be dead or pregnant before i was 18. Well i am certainly not dead… but i am 9 weeks pregnant (by estimation). I first found out on a sunday afternoon, and i was shocked, amazed i guess u can't really discribe it because its all the emostions at once. I asked my partner how what when why. I all ways think of what to do the descions, to abort, adopt or to go through with it. I honestly have hardly a clue of where or how to start things because in age i am only 17.

 I guess my mother was right. but in a way she wasn't. I am with a amazing man, who is my best friend, my support and shoulder to cry on. He tells me all the time that everything is going to be ok, but will it? He hasn't got a job at the moment because there isn't any work where we live… 

I often think what if this baby ruins what we have? but then i think of how selfish it is to think that. A baby who is selfless and inoccent can't be punished for our actions. i'm just so scared all the time. My sister and her husband are supporting us emotionally but what about everything else? I am already in love with my child i just can't abort. It's killing pat of me isn't it????

I met my partner at my new job about a year ago. He was such a bad boy. All muscle, blue eyes and blonde hair. Something u just can't pass up. after talking and getting know each other he told me he had a spare room at his house out on a property with his family. I took it.

After awhile we fell head over heels for each other. 9 months down the track i did a home pregnancy test before i went to work. it came back positive. THe only thing he did was smile. I ran into the supermarket crying and told his mother and father. They supported me and my partner big time. The only question was, What now… Abort? Adopt? Have a baby at 17?

Well my good friend (my manager) told me to abort, no buts about it "I've done it twice" she said. I agreed but something didn' feel right. I then went and told my sister… Straight away she new i was thinking about abortion she got angry and said, "You love kids, you love adam, its all going to be ok!" Straight away after talking with my partner i new i couldn't kill my baby no way. I could start a family i never had. This is my new beginning. Yes it will be hard, yes it is a bit earlier than i had hoped for but i think this is what i need, what my partner needs, and what my new family needs… Keep you posted…