Hi, my name is Devin. Im 17, getting ready to graduate highschool, and 9 months pregnant. When I first found out I was pregnant I was so scared. I called my boyfriend crying and he rushed over and I told him the news. While I was crying my eyes out, he was perfectly calm. I couldnt understand. As a week went by he was excited and I was scared to tell our parents.

I just knew they all would freak out. So we finally decided to tell them. I told my mother first, she freaked. She didnt even think twice and said I was getting an abortion. I couldnt even say anything. Then he told his parents, they were really upset with us but they took it better than my mom. After a few weeks my mom and aunt were on my butt still to get an abortion. “Its going to ruin your life, your such a smart and pretty girl, you could go so far, we thought you were smarter than this”. I heard it all. They would go from crying and begging me to do it, to freaking out yelling at me the next minute. It was hell. I didnt want to get an abortion, but I felt I had to with them saying they were going to kick me out and basically never talk to me again. My boyfriend was TOTALLY against abortion and said he’d never talk to me again if I did it. I was stuck in between..I was so stressed. But I came to the decision that it was my choice not my mom and aunts. I decided to keep the baby. They were mad but eventually got over it. And now here I am 9 months pregnant and getting ready to have my little baby boy Bentley next week. We are so excited, and so is my family. So to all the girls out there who have a similar story, all I can say is be strong and even though it’s hard at first and you think your parents will never get over it think again. They will. They will understand later on that yeah its a big deal, but not as big as they think at the beginning. 
Anyone who wants to talk, please do. I need a friend in the same situation.
Xoxo, Devin