my name is Sara and I just turned 17. I am 5'5 and standing at about 191 lbs. (slightly overweight). As most teenagers I am suffering greatly. I was taking birthcontrol since mid march, but then I decided to stop tking it in the beginning of September. Soon after I apparently got pregnant. I just found out on October 20th that I am indeed pregnant. Thankfully the babies father wants to step up and be a part of mine and my childs life. But he is having alot of issues with his own life. He is 16 and recently got in trouble with the police. He has also participated in the peer pressure of smoking. I my self have chosen to live a drug free life. I am currently being strung between my parents over the issue of child support money. Neither of my parents know that I'm pregnant yet but im close to cracking under all the pressure. I am starting to fall behind in school because I am constantly exhausted and cannot handle being under the demand of a senior year courriculem with the outside life I hade from everyone. I dont have many friends and I see my boyfriend as my out let to everything. It is really bothering me how poorly I am treated by those around me and it very depressing. I have struggled with issues of depression in the past because of my parents and their parents. I am trying my hardest to continue being strong through all the stress but its getting really hard. I am supposed to be taking Vitamns at this point in my pregnancy and it stresses me out that I dont have enough support to be healthy. I am hoping with everything within me that everything goes ok and that I can make it through it all. I am a wonderful person but I am so withdrawn because of my emotional problems.

Dont get me wrong because I am completly in love with my boyfriend. He and I got engaged the 2nd month we were dating, but it ended 5 months later. After one month of heartbreak and agony he decided he wanted to be with me again. We feel perfect together but since hes been maiking some bad choices my mom has forbid me to see him. This is another stress adding to my problems.

I have had my permit since last Decmber but have yet to get my license that was promised to me by my dad. My dad has a tendinsy to let me  down alot. I dont knonw how to tell either of my parents because I know it will only get worse as the y go to court fighting over my siblings and I.

My names Sara and thats my life in a nut shell!