okay so im 16 years old and i’m currently 6 months pregnant. I got pregnant in August of 2010 and am due to have a beautiful baby boy May 9th 2011. I am still with the father of my baby and we are happy and supportive for each others sake.

Finances have become rather difficult but eventually we will find a way of coping. I’m excited but frightened at the same time i mean i can’t wait to have a little boy to call my son but things are gonna be rough thats for sure. I’m still attending school to complete my education through outreach. I’m in grade 11 and i am not going to let any of my schooling slip. I have a strong mindset and keep myself on track very well. Sometimes i feel like i just can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore i just want to be able to hold him in my arms and think “okay, yea i did this”. Life really can’t get any easier. =D