i met my boyfriend in August ’07, we became very close within a short period of time, and have been dating now almost 10 months, on our 5 month anniversary, he proposed to me.

i’ve never felt this way about anyone before, i’ve been through so much this year and he’s the only one that truly understands and has been there by my side. he’s the only

guy that’s ever actually treated me right.

A few weeks after he proposed we had sex for the first time[we were both virgins] a week or two later i noticed some light spotting..i’m now 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant. my fiancee is overly excited about being a dad, he’s 17 and has a good paying job so he’ll be able to support us.i have very mixed emotions about all this.

i’m very young to be having a baby, but i’m very mature for my age, i’m not just a wreckless teenager. i’m a straight A student, don’t go out and party, LOVE kids, don’t drink or smoke, i have goals set for myself, that i plan to achieve. and i truly am in love with the baby’s dad, he means the world to me, i have him to thank for me even still being here, i couldn’t have gone through everything this year without him.