I am 16 its really hard for me accepting this. I feel confused. It's weird because at times I feel like maybe i could get through this but then again I wont. I am 14 weeks pregnant my belly doesn't show at all. I'm a junior and i don't wanna drop out. I realized I can make it trough after reading many of the provided stories but still am scared. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and 3 months now and he is very supportive and opposed to an abortion since we both found out i was pregnant. My parents were never in favor of our relationship but learn how to deal with it. I am the older sister to a 10 year old sister and an 8 year old brother. These past weeks I realized that having the baby wasn't my biggest fear, but losing my parents and having them kick me out the house and not talking to me againas a result, is. My boyfriend told his parents and they are very supportive with evrything. I told my little sister and she is excited and has kept my secret safe so far. My boyfriend wants me to tell my parents, the sooner the better, he says. He tells me that I don't know what their reaction may be. I want to stay in school and I want my boyfriend to also, he is 17. I already decided on having the baby. The hard part is telling my parents, since I'm still their baby, considering I was the first born. They have great expectations from me. It feels weird being home with them and not being able to tell them how I'm feeling. They always talked to me and warned me on the bad decision making I have and how if I didn't change my ways, it was going to affect the outcome of my future. I know I can succed. I try to convince myself that this is the baby my mother can't have right now since my father is crazy about having another baby. I need advice on how to tell them, please anybody.
I've been dying to talk to someone who has gone or is going through this situation.
Please any advice would be appreciated.
Thank you for reading.