Okay so here it is. I am 16 years old and very responsible and dedicated. I’m only a sophomore in high school and i’m already in college. I am on the pill and am very good about taking it. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half. This past month I messed up on my pill I dont know what happened but I took the last week of the pills as the first week. I didn’t notice it till my period was late. Then I looked at the package and realized what I had done. My period is almost two weeks late now.

The pills being taken different could have stopped my period this month I know. And my boyfriend and I only had sex twice last month. I took a $1 test on Monday Jan 2nd. It was negative but it was still early. I plan to take a First Response test this week. My boyfriend will raise it and has a good job. But he thinks it will ruin my future that i have pushed so hard for. He threw up the word Abortion once. Which was so odd for him because he is against it. But he is just so concerned about what my parents will do with their tempers and about my future. He said it’s in me and my choice though and he will be there threw it all no matter what I do. And I know he will.

My parents will not understand I am afraid. That’s my biggest fear. They treat me like a child when it comes to this stuff when clearly I am not. I am a high school student and a college student. I have a job. I have practically raised myself. But still my boyfriend is really scared they will push us apart instead of telling him to own up.

I was thinking of telling them in a letter? That way I don’t have to be face to face with them. I know I don’t want to tell them alone if I turn out to be. I honestly would slightly fear for my child’s safety.

I haven’t had many symptoms, I find that my breasts are sore and my  stomach hurts and I have a weird tugging feeling around my belly button. Also I have cysts on my ovaries and they have been killing me lately like they are stretching or about to bust. I know pregnancy ruptures them.

I know this is a lot to read and if you take the time I thank you greatly. I can do this I know I can. My boyfriend has a two year old daughter by the girl he was with before me. I have raised her as my own though, and I have raised my niece and nephew. I know what it feels like to get little sleep and go to school. I can do this I know I can. I just want some opinions, advice, COMFORT.

Thank you so much,

Black Rose <3