my name is lisa and well as u can see im 14yrs old… and 7mo. pregnant… i feel so young, everyone else on here is 15yrs and up… but im not ashamed! i’m soooo happy!

i already kno that im having a baby girl, her name is gonna be Angel Marie… my boyfriend is very excited, scared but excited:) he plans

to be there for me and the baby no matter what! if we dont make, he still wants to be there for his little girl:)

me and my bf both grew up without a dad, he doesnt want that to happen to his little girl… only ting he is afraid of is how we are gonna take care of her financially. but i keep telling him thats what our moms are here for, well til we get out of high scholl.. but even then they wont let us go without!

our moms are a little upset that we are so young, but they believe in us and thats all that matters:) they even believe that me and my bf will make it thro this together until the very end:) and thats all i ask, believe in me!

but i will admit i am a little scared about being a good mom, so if anynoe has any advice id appreciate it:) but everyone tells me i am really mature for my age and that ill be a great mom.. my mom tells me i am hadling all this very well and i have a good head on my shoulders, and good family/friends at my side:) but im still kinda scared, and i dont want them to see that…

thats why im so grateful i found this website!! i hope to get some advice from you guys, all of ur stories have really inspired me!!