So i just hit 5 weeks and my fiance started talking about how to break it to the parents. this, so far, has been the scariest part of the pregnancy. my mom got pregnant when she was 16 and had five more kids, each two years apart, after that so shes constantly giving me the “no babies” talk. my dad, though i love him, is an ass. he’d kick me out in a heartbeat. stephens mother absolutely ADORES me! she’s told me that she would take me in, and has before. stephens 18 and has a job so I’m not as worried about income as i am with school….

I’m a freshie and i go to a high school where you just DON’T get pregnant. you just don’t. no one has a kid at that school. i really don’t give a rip about what students will think so much as how ill be treated by my teachers.  I’m not scared…yet hahaha I’m being as optimistic as i can be….but i need advise on everything with my parents…how should i tell them…and also…I’m a HUGE coffee drinker…I’ve heard that its bad for the baby…is that true?