.one night when my brothers were out and my parents went to sleep i snuck him into my room.i dont know what i was getting my self into but that night i lost my virginity at only 13 years old.i remember that it was painful and not wonderful even though i already knew what it was going to be like from the start. a week later i told one of my closests cousins and i trusted in her so she ofcourse asked me if i used protection but i hadnt that night. i started feeling dizzy most of the time so i went to rite aid to buy a home pregnancy test. my family had always told me that my mom was always the first one to figure out that they were pregnant even though they were only a couple of months, so ofcourse i was scared. i took the test and sat waiting in my bathroom for 5 minutes when i glanced at the test and it had two pink lines .not one but two so it ment i was pregnant. i started crying and thought about my options but before anything i wasnt going to have an aportion because its like killing an innocent person for no reason so that was out of my mid. then i thought about adoption but i knew that was out to because i didnt want to grow older and wonder about him/her. i called my cousin and told her the news but instead of being disapointed she was happy. i was happy just thinking that i was carring a life in me. i thought about telling my parents a while later but instead i told them when i was three months pregnant.they asked me when i found out and i told them that i just found out that month. of course i was lying and during those three months i was telling them i was going to a friends house but instead i was going to the doctors for my prenatal care.i knew that my life was going to change dramaticly but it didnt matter.i didnt tell the babys father because i already knew that he wasnt going to be there.i was walking through middle school only in 8th grade pregnant.people noticed but instead of saying mean things they were suportoing me all through out , even the principal.i live in san fernando california so i had an option of staying in school or going on independent study which is a teacher coming to my house twice a week to tutor me . i chose to stay in school until my 9 month two weeks before my due date.my parents were still not talking to me as much but i had other family members  that were there for me.when i turned fourteen on dec.6 i was already 8 months pregnant.on jan.8 of this year i gave birth of to Jovanni Minor Rivas.he was 7 pounds 18ounces , 21 inches long. it was a great experience of mine.eventhough i didnt have that many problems i still know what other teenagers are going through at any time.i still get to go out 3 days a week with my friends when my mom babysits (she loves to)so my whole teenage life is going to be normal.my babys dad still doesnt know that my baby is his too but i guess he does have a right to know . im not sure if im going to tell him now that my baby is 7 months old.

so  to all teenage mommys and mommys-to-be everything is going to be alright all you have to do is believe and think about the wonderful things ahead of you.and if your a teen girl and want to have a baby im not saying not to but think about really hard and ask yourself one question:ARE YOU READY TO SUPPORT YOUR BABY? because most teen dads leave you for somebody else and he Will neglet you and your baby.there is some out there that care but those rarley pop out .

and if your pregnant and thinking about abortion dont do it youll fell bad about later , have the baby and if you still cant or wont take care of him/her there is other couples out there that cant have a baby.