My First blog ūüôā

I used the¬†pregnancy¬†calculator on this site and it said I should be 13 weeks now, and I’ve had every symptom that I’ve seen anywhere on the internet, even started to gain a little belly (I’ve gained 4kgs too which is what the internet expects at 13 weeks too).

But with all that I cant seem to get a positive pregnancy test…

I mean, I’m only 17 and haven’t been with my boyfriend for long so it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I wasn’t but I’m pretty sure that I am.¬†

According to google (which of course never lies) there are tonnes of people who don’t produce enough hGC to show up on a test and I don’t know if I fit into that category or I’m just a whiny little girl that’s getting fat.¬†

I don’t know, I’m going to the doctors on Monday to see what’s up.

(I secretly hope I am.)