I have just turned 22 and already have a beautiful son who is almost 2. But a few weeks ago i found out that i was pregnant again. The guy im with now is not the father of my first son, but the father of the one i am carrying. He can’t be with me as we are of different backgrounds, and well he said he is not ready to be a father. He is 27 years old and is indian,  i wan this baby but iam confused and don’t want to make the wrong decision. I love this guy with all my heart, but i don’t want to wreck his family who are also going through alot of things at the moment. I know he’s  the one for me and well i knew we couldn’t be together the first day we met, so i don’t know if we are in a relationship or what. I’m carrying his child but he wants me to have an abortion, as he thinks i still have a little more exploring to do, as i am still young. And also says what if i meet another guy and i have 2 kids to 2 different men. I undertsand all that but i dont want to make the wrong decision……………….Confused!