Im 19 and i have a beautiful  4 month old baby and i have found out that i am pregnant again and im already 11 1/2 weeks.My bf at first did not want our first child due to our futures and i made the decision to keep her.She is bot of our worlds=] our everything. Well anyways i went to the er the other day for having pains and ended up getting A ultrasound and seen the baby moving and everything .my bf wants me to get an abortionand theres no other opton in his eyes.i told him ok but deep down i dont want t do it and regret it….i seen the heartbeat and i feel like ill be a mrderer if i follo through.the hardest is i have a 4 month old baby girl that im doin all i can to support her and  dont know if i can supprt another baby.i dont know what to do=..[