7 Things to Know About Your Girl During Pregnancy

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About Your Girl During Pregnancy. Pregnancy isn’t the easiest thing in the world. That’s a reality. It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world.
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Your Girl During Pregnancy!

#1 – It’s tough and she’ll feel all the things

Pregnancy isn’t the easiest thing in the world. That’s a reality. It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park. There’s morning sickness (largely in the first trimester), emotional roller-coasters, random back pain, some “unique” cravings for foods, and having to pee way more than normal. Knowing these things – and really understanding them – are going to help you be there even more for your girl.

Being patient if her hormones are out of whack, refraining from a joke that wouldn’t be appreciated, and reminding her that you love her will all take loads of stress off of her body and mind.

#2 – Because of #1, she really needs you to be understanding and supportive (and not try to always fix everything)

Right now, she’s counting on you. Perhaps more than she’s counting on anyone else. You being her rock is going to make the difference between her feeling alone and scared, and her feeling loved and brave. You are one of the people she is looking to the most for support right now. This means even though it may be hard, don’t go walking out. She needs you most right now, don’t let her down, bro.

As guys, we often feel like we walk a tight line between wanting to always fix our girl’s issues and remembering that sometimes she doesn’t want them fixed – sometimes she just wants you to listen. Because pregnancy can have the extra accompaniments mentioned above, your ability to know when to just listen will be beyond appreciated.

#3 – Remember that the baby is your child too

Not only remember this, but act like it and let her know you know it. You can ask her how “our little guy” is doing, check if “my two favorite girls” are feeling better this morning, and share your dreams of a family vacation in the future. This will remind her that you’re 100% in it with her. She may feel judged by people in her life regarding being pregnant. Whether or not people really are judging her isn’t as much the issue here – it’s whether she feels accompanied by you and whether she knows that you are in this with her. The more that you take ownership and visibly act as her teammate in this, the more she will feel supported and taken care of, and the more your relationship will grow.

#4 – Body image struggles are very real during pregnancy

Even though you know that she still looks amazing – and often radiant with that pregnancy glow – she might have times when she sees that scale or looks at her legs and feels uncomfortable in her own skin. The scale will most likely show a number larger than she’s ever seen before, and combined with the emotional ups and downs due to hormonal changes, this may contribute to body image struggles. Just know and understand that she’s not being ridiculous or something – it’s just a real struggle, but you can help. Every day, in small ways and big ways, remind her how loved she is, how gorgeous she is, and how attractive you find her. It really can help her out.

#5 – Do all the little – and big – things to support her and make her feel loved

Flowers, talking, listening, massages, love notes, movie nights, game nights, helping support her getting plenty of sleep and good nutrition – all the way to going to doctor’s appointments with her, standing up for her, and giving up things that she has to give up during pregnancy, will help make her feel incredibly supported and cared about by you. Your presence, your kindness, your love, your listening, and your sharing will help her immensely, will develop a deeper bond between the two of you, and encourage better parenting together for your little baby.

#6 – Learn about pregnancy and raising a kid!

Not only will this be something that the two of you can do together (which will strengthen your relationship), but it is also something that just makes sense! There are many resources out there to help you, not only on our website (click here for our extensive resource page) but also at the local pregnancy center that we can refer you to. Learning about how your girlfriend’s body is changing, how your baby is growing, and the needs of both of them will help you to assist them in staying healthy. Hey, you might really be able to impress her by learning all this stuff too…

#7 – Be excited! You and your girl are having a baby!

Is there nervousness, or worry, or uncertainty that comes with pregnancy and a new child? Absolutely! But never let those natural responses drown out the amazing reality that is unfolding. There’s a lot of hard work ahead, but also ahead of you two (well, you three) is so much excitement and adventure. Fasten your seat-belt, brother, it’s going to be a great ride!

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