flowers on bellyWow guys. I have come here on and off for the last year or so. I have lurked, and read stuff, and looked at profiles, and I have to say, every time I do, I cry. I just think you are so strong, and I admire you all so much. You are beautiful ladies, and I just want you all to remember that. Teen pregnancy is so hard, and those who make it through, well, you are amazing.

I guess I should really introduce myself, huh? I am Heather, and I found myself pregnant at 16. I was a Junior in High school. I thought my baby’s daddy was amazing. I thought he was my soul mate, and he was my best friend. Every day, I thought I was in a dream because I was with him. well, without the messy details, I will just say that didn’t work out like I had planned. I found myself 4 months along and totally alone. I fell into a depression and was very sick. I grew up in a little Utah town, and was quite the oddball in school with my big belly. I was looked down upon by everyone and most of my friends headed south, ya know?

As a funny coincidence, I had to take a sex ed class in high school while I was 8 months along. *sigh* I was used by the teacher as an example of what NOT to do. Needless to say, my counselors office was my next stop. I took an early graduation at that point and had my baby.

I found friendship in a good family friend. He helped me through the whole thing and was by my side at the birth of my son. His family took me right in and shortly after the birth of my son, he proposed. We are 13 yrs married and running. (ya, I’m an old fart) He helped me find my dreams, and achieve them.

We have 3 more kids now, and I feel I have lived a Cinderella story.

Anyway that is me…

It is great to meet you all. — Heather