hands on belly Hello — I was sitting back thinking about my daughter. She is almost 5 and I can already tell that she is going to be “boy crazy”. She tries to wear her clothes like most 16 yr olds do. It doesn’t fly well with me and daddy. I don’t know if I am just paranoid because of the way I was (lost my virginity at 13 and went wild from there) or if I can just see the direction she cant wait to walk in. Well, regardless of what road she will end up one day I know that there are things my parents should have done to keep a better eye on me.


But they pushed me away when I messed up (my dad) or condoned and even encouraged rebellious behavior (my mom).

I am just hoping and praying to find that middle ground of raising my daughter to confide in me and to respect her body and the authority of her parents.

I would love to hear some feedback of what you would do differently in raising your children. What did your parents do or not do that you needed them to do or not to do?


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