black teen upset With me being almost four months pregnant, nobody knows the emotions and thoughts I feel, going to the doctor to see the first ultrasound of my baby, made me think how could I let this baby go.

My boyfriend and I recently got in a huge fight about me keeping the baby, he told me that everything was my fault and that “if I loved him I could get an abortion and everything would be back to normal”.

It came to the point where he was going to throw me down the stairs to kill the baby.

Its so amazing how he thinks the world is coming to an end when in reality, he has the easy job, I did not climb on myself and get pregnant. I made a promise to my baby — that when my child is born I wil never neglect them, ever. I promised this child that I will love them.

As for my boyfriend, the only thing he is concerned about is this play he’s in, if his school finds out he got a girl pregnant they would suspend him from the program. Funny how selfish people can be, right?