pregnant 6 In February, I  found out I was 2 months pregnant. I told my boyfriend and he was very happy but scared of what our parents would say and do.

His family knew before mine and they were alright with the decision we had made — we wanted to keep the baby .


But when we told my mom, she fliped out and said she was going to do everything she could to make me not have this baby. She told my dad and they did nothing but make me cry. They told me I was nothing but a baby myself and I would never make it in this world with a child. “They told me I wasn’t mentally stable enough and they would put me in a mental institute if I did not have an abortion.” They put me through hell! They told me they had talked to an attorney and he had said I was not at the age to make my own decision about having a child and I was forced to have an abortion.

It was the worst thing ever. I would do anything to have had that baby. It was mine. Its so hard to deal with the fact that I could have been a mother — even though I am young I could have been a better mother than alot of mothers young and old.

I’ll never forget the abortion and I’ll never forgive my parents for what they did.