I have found that the hardest fight,

The one from which I try to hide,

The gory, gruesome, bloodiest battle

Is the one that rages, deep inside.

Lost in the heat of ongoing battle,

Caught in the chill of evil’s embrace,

Lying motionless with a deadly wound,

The weight of shame falls on my face.

I try to stand up

But my demons beat me to the ground.

I feel the pain from another blow

As once again they force me down.

Fighting back with all I’ve got

But this is a war I cannot win.

I need a hero to rescue me

Before I lose to myself again.

I’m screaming now

Someone hear me, please!

Beaten with my own entangling chains

I’m broken, begging, on my knees.

Out of strength

No will left to even be broken.

I see someone reach out to me

And see their arms so strong and open.

I ask if I clean my wounds

Will He save me, please?

He says He’ll heal my scars and unlock my chains

And in His hands I see the keys.