Emotions from an Abortion

red ocean I recently had an abortion, about a week and a half ago. When i found out i was pregnant, i had so many emotions going through me. i was terrified, scared, and confused. after a couple weeks of thinking things through, I had decided to choose abortion. I couldnt bare to disappoint my parents because they have given me so much, and have done everything they could to give me the amazing life i have. I found out the day before i turned 20 that i was pregnant. my heart sank when i took 2 pregnancy test. i was so nervous and scared. im blessed that my boyfriend has stuck by my side through everything, and continues to love me and care for me. hes an amazing person, but sometimes i feel like i dont deserve him because i took away the life of our baby. the day after i found out, i told my older sister, who was shocked, but wanted to help me in everyway. when i first told her though, she poured her heart out, and we just sat in her room and cried together. i knew she was disappointed, but scared for me at the same time. im also blessed that my sister and boyfriend have been supportive of every decision, and have stuck by my side, even when I wanted to break down.

I'll Always Miss You

pink shirt against wallI look back on that day and really think of how much of a fool I was.  To think that I would just forget about it and move on with my life was just a dream. It is still and will always be there.  I aborted my unborn child, and no one close to me knows.

I went to the clinic by myself.   I drove the 45 minutes there and back.  I walked past the protesters that walked up to my car to tell me I was a murderer.  I walked the walk of shame opening the doors to my reality.  The whole time not shedding a tear.  Just staring at the other girls feeling worse for them then myself.  I talked to a girl that was 15 weeks along.  She was already showing.  I was "lucky" because I was only 6 weeks.

A Military Life

I am going to be open, no matter how many tears I shed.  This is still very painful for me.  The whole story begins in December 2003 when I was transferred to New Orleans.  I met a man named Nate*.  I was 19 years old and Nate's roommate was my sponsor.  I showed up right before Holiday Routine started (time off for Christmas) and my sponsor went home on leave.  Nate took me under his wing and became my mentor.  He was in my duty section so whenever he had the overnight, he would teach me things.  The different tools, the parts of the engine, general aircraft stuff, etc.

End of the Story?

nervous teenIt wasn't meant to happen. I was in a  foreign country. I was lonely. My friend who I was staying with had sent me off with his friend so he could invite some body around for sex. He'd been cutting me off for a lot of the time that I stayed with him. I went out with this friend, we had a few drinks, got back home, and due to space, were to share a bed together. We shared a bottle of vodka between us whilst talking about how crap we both felt, how lonely we both were in different ways, and got very emotional. I don't remember how it happened, but we ended up having unprotected sex.

In the News

bieberJustin Bieber has been in hot water lately for mentioning in a March 3rd Rolling Stone Magazine article he really don't believe in abortion.  "I think [an embryo] is a human," the singer said. "It's like killing a baby."

He was called ignorant and too young to understand what he's saying by Dr Laura Berman in the NY Daily News, while Strickland and Behar were incensed that a 16 year old boy could have any such opinion on The View, a topical women's television program.  The Boston Herald says his brain isn't fully developed (that is, he's not all there...) and Connecticut Congressman Chris Murphy has put Bieber at a distance after praising him earlier.  But not everyone thinks he's loopy.

"Increasingly, young people are seeing abortion for what it is. It is a tragedy, but it's taking a life," said Glenn Stanton, Focus on the Family's director of family formation studies.  Stanton, who examines family trends in culture, told the NY Daily News that Bieber's view is "not unique among young people."  "We always kind of like to put things into left and right politics, but with the younger generation, they're not interested in that," he explained. "They kind of want to take a more honest, objective view. And that's what we see with Justin."

Sorry Isn't Good Enough

standupgirlI met my boyfriend 9 and a half months ago and ever since that day I've never been happier. He has saved me from depression and sorrow. My mum left my dad about 1 year ago, took most of everything my dad had in his house and took my sister away from me. I chose to live with my dad, and help him through this. It was one of the saddest moments of my life having to watch my dad cry most nights, its the hardest thing to watch a man cry. We kept each other going but we were both struggling. until I met Matt and he seemed to go out and socialize lots more. Life was heading to normality. Besotted by Matt, I struggled to leave him every night, I hated to sleep with out him. it didn't feel normal. So I moved in with Matt. Months went passed and I've never felt more comfortable with anyone in my life.

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