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Hi, I was pregnant before on September 18th 2013! I had a miscarriage on February 20th 2014! I was 22 weeks pregnant! Her name is Misa Grace Parkinson! She posted been born on June 25th 2014! So it been like almost 10 weeks now! I thought I would of gotten lesser pregnancy symptoms, but instead I got more! I will tell you why I think I am pregnant!
I got pregnancy signs (like I said)! :)

They are:
Breast tenderness
Mood swings
Frequent urination
And bit more!
I also just finish this wearied bleeding last night, which was Tuesday 29th April, I start on Saturday 26th April, that was spotting! The colour was pinkish, brownish, orange and odd red, but it is more pinkish and brownish! I am also getting this tummy round, bump, (not to sound rude) but I am getting back where I couldn't see my private part when I take a shower! Day after my miscarriage I went down completely back to normal, in a day! So I don't think that be the cost of this bump! I also feel wearied movements in my tummy! I also thought my boobs would of going down because the milk stop running from it on March 8th 2014, but it still feel full! I collate that if I am pregnant I wold be around 5 weeks because of that wearied bleeding! I do want a baby because I want to take care of something that will look up at me knowing that I am there for him/her every single day and every single minute! :) I am going to hospital on the Thursday 8th May, to do the blood test pregnancy! So please tell me what you think it could be of, with all of it! :) Thank you for reading! ^_^

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