It's crazy to think how far I have come, a scared 11 year old girl being violated by a man I knew so well. To a 12 year old girl being taken away from her father from the only home she ever belonged, to a 13 year old girl being bounced around the system, to a 14 year old girl being emotionally and mentally abused in her mothers house, to a 15 year old girl being re united to her father:), to a 16 year old girl losing her father the only person who ever cared and supported her, to a 17 year old living in a transitional living program finally preparing for the hard adult world. Hoping I can make the best I can for my son and I. I'm making my way through college and looking for a job saving up is really important right now. 

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  1. justkeepswimming

Keep growing and being strong!

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