Everyone knows that an unexpected teen pregnancy is a scary ordeal, be it you're keeping the baby, aborting, or adoption. My story is no different, because a scare is just as scary...

You have all your plans flash before your eyes, everyone telling you their input when all you want to do is wake up and figure out that it was all a scary dream... but what happens when it turns out it isn't a scary dream?

My story is like a lot of others, but different. I dated this one guy and we were together for 10 months (Longest relationship I've ever had) And when I came back from china last year in July I went to his friends party (it was small no more than 7 people) and I ended up getting drunk due to jet lag ( I normally know my limit and when to stop) needless to say I lost it that night... That I started the pill in August and I stopped it in October when we broke up, also in October I had a pap smear and I got tested for stds just in case.

Everything was healthy and fine so I wasn't worried. After we broke up I wanted to get over him as soon as I could and so I had 3 FWB one always used protection, one I never realized didn't (though he would always pull out) and the last one after a week we started dating and I cut things off with the other two. This was in December. I also re-took up smoking in October and I'd have the occasional drink.
After December my then bf stopped using condoms and I became pregnant I didn't notice though because my doctor said that my periods wouldn't be regular after stopping the pill, so I kept smoking. I miscarried that February and two months later he and I broke up...
I decided in April that I wanted to come back to China and then in May I grew closer with my most recent ex's family... I started staying over at his sisters or his younger brothers (they didn't live with their mom) I was still smoking and occasionally having a drink and my periods were fairly regular, I knew to expect them around the beginning of every month, and that was generally a few days after I ovulated which varied from cycle to cycle.
During the month of June my recent ex's brother and I had grown so close (they are half brothers just going t o put that out there and I've known him for longer than I've known his brother) that we decided to start dating, despite the fact that I was going to China.

Now my periods are normally heavy with major cramps due to ovarian cysts every period (it runs in my moms side of the family) and they last 7 days. After my miscarriage my periods returned to normal, I got them like that up until June... which I found odd. My period in June was 5 days, and medium to light, more brown discharge than an actual period, I didn't think anything of it though.

The first week of June I had my graduation and he and I got drunk and had sex for the first time together, after that we consummated 12 more times (I figured it out earlier this month) and all unprotected...

The week before I left for China I had bleeding that started on the 18th and that went until the 25th (it ended that morning) it was a mix of spotting and watery blood, mostly spotting that would happen every 5 hours or so, so I hardly noticed it, it was watery blood on the 21st-23rd and it pretty much stopped. Then on the 25th in the morning I wiped and it was like normal implantation bleeding and I haven't had any bleeding since...
This month I missed my period I've been having more headaches, food aversions and cravings, lower backaches, cramping, bloating, sore heavy tingly and sensitive breasts, I've been far more moody than I should be, I've been gassy, and I've been needing more water than I'm used to...
First off I've been in China for 4 weeks now, the temperature is warmer than what I'm used to, I'm over my jet lag, and I've told my father that I might be pregnant...
With the food thing I used to try to avoid spice but now I feel the need to add spice to all of my meals, I all but vomit when I eat oatmeal (I used to eat it no problem) I used to always fry my food because it was really simple and I liked it, not I can't stand it. I always want fruit (the more the better) I don't really like sour and I used to eat lemons like oranges. I don't really like bacon, but now I can't get enough of it!
I took 5 tests and they all came back negative, the last one I took was on the 18th of June, I also have hormonal problems, and I've been having ovarian cysts since I was about 13-14 years old with every period, so if I have a cyst now this is the first time without my period...
I calculated on a few different websites when I should be able to test and some told me I tested too early whereas other tell me I should be able to test and get an accurate result...

After reading my story it's not like the average teen pregnancy, and nothing about it had been normal, and Distance is no help.

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