Hi Ya'll its me again. Been a long time.
A little bit of update.
Will be 18 soon YAY.
My son will be a year in less than a week! EXCITED.
Boyfriend and I have been talking about getting engaged. (NOT my son's father)
I had Graves deseies and now that is FIXED. Not happy that my doctors have not called me back and I called them monday. Doctors think that they are the top of the world.
I have been looking in to online college beause it would be much much to hard to go on campus. I am looking forward to get a job or go to school. I HOPE to be getting my licence June 6th. Wish me luck.
A little bit of back tracking to the health isssues. I have a heart conditon that causes sometimes for my heart to beat really fast like 200+ beats per minute. My doctor wants me to go to a new Doctor because she wants me to have surgery. I ended up in the er that same day that I had an appoitment with the new Doc and he did not even come down and talk to me even thought the reason why i ended up in the er.

Thanks ya'll
LOVE AmyBloomer

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