Is it me or a lot of pregnant teens finding it "cute" and "fun" to have a kid. I understand that , ok, maybe reality hasnt set in yet for them ....not until the first few weeks after their baby is born, but too many teenagers are getting pregnant!!!

I mean, my former high school, now ,2012, has 9 teens pregnant and not all of them are pregnant. In the past they were more mistakes....nowadays a typical 13 year olds dream is to "get pregnant fall in love and have kids"

I am simply saying this is a "trend" escalating to unreal heights...

And for MTV to play these episodes of Teen Mom and 16 & pregnant. These episodes may be a LESSON LEANRNED for most girls... but to some it only makes them want a baby of their own....completely ignoring the reality of how difficult it is to support a child.

I am newly pregnant, i turn 19 in may. I am in no way shape or form glamourizing my pregnancy, if anything i am taking it seriously and prepared to pay my consequences.....

All i can do is move forward and explain to other teens to be more careful.!!!!!it doesnt hurt!!

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