hi i'm Janilis and i'm 14 and might be Pregnant . 

First all i'm very scared to tell my parents are the strict type of parents My mom always told me if i ever get pregnant shes going to kick me out the house . My dad is going to be very disappointed im scared to tell anyone . My Boyfriend who is the baby daddy Said if he ever becomes a teen dad hes going to kill himself Hes 15 His name is Steven He smokes weed and all that stuff . 

I also have JRA ( Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis ) . I'm scared if this Effects the baby Ive heard alot of stories and read so many stuff on the internet about Pregnancy & JRA together . How some girls had Miscarriages Or Have gone to labor a month or 2 early . I Do Not want none of that for my baby . Help ? I have lots of  questions to ask  

By the way my Cousin Who is 15 Hide her pregnancy for a month . i was thinking about doing the same . Now she is like 6 months pregnant & shes do in June .

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