Things have been hard but what has been killing me is that Tuesday makes it 3yrs since you've been gone. You were a big part of my strength. When ever my dad and I told me everything would be okay. I need you here to tell me everythings going to be okay because I'm scared.


I want you to be here. To see me graduate and go off to college. I want you to see how far ive made it. I know you'd be disappointed at some of the things that ive done but I know you'd forgive me and comfort me. You were suppose to be around when I had my first child and started my own family and graduated college.


I miss you sooo much Grandma. I wish you could be here. I have to tell myself everyday that you're looking down on me but sometimes it doesnt help. I'm glad you arent in pain anymore. I rememeber the day like yesterday. I love you. R.I.P Grandma 4-3-09 <3

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